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  • Cosa succede nella Repubblica democratica del Congo January 19, 2019
    Il candidato sconfitto alle elezioni ha chiesto il riconteggio dei voti. Sospettano brogli anche Belgio e Francia. Il Congo è il primo produttore mondiale di cobalto, fondamentale per gli smartphone
  • Playing for high stakes December 29, 2018
  • Revolution wears a skirt December 29, 2018
  • The long arm of China October 31, 2018
    Airports, media outlets and mining concessions could end up in Beijing's hands if Zambia doesn’t make good on its long-standing debt.
  • A slippery peace October 31, 2018
    The US and the EU shouldn’t kid themselves: a roadmap for peace must involve all the forces that one way or another hold sway in anarchic Libya.
  • A new era of peace August 30, 2018
    After 20 years of war, the accord between Ethiopia and Eritrea could bring more stability to the Horn of Africa and East Africa as a whole.
  • A president for life? August 30, 2018
    In spite of failing health, 81-year-old President Bouteflika is running for a fifth term. If his country doesn’t first blow up, it will surely grind to a halt.