Yaoundé (AFP) Cameroon must urgently rethink a policy of “murderous repression” in its restive English-speaking regions or risk the crisis spiralling into an armed uprising, the International Crisis Group (ICG) warned Thursday. In a report on the political crisis in the west African nation, the NGO said the government’s crackdown on the anglophone minority had failed and had only served to fuel a clamour for independence. French-speaking Cameroon has a large anglophone minority which comprises around a fifth of its population of 22 million. Gathered mainly in two regions, manyRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Cameroon’s Prime Minister Philemon Yang on Monday began a visit to a troubled English-speaking region as part of what he termed a “dialogue” with the country’s anglophone minority, state radio said. Yang travelled to Bamenda, the main town in Cameroon’s Northwest Region, where he met the heads of trade unions in the transport, education and shopping sectors, as well as with bankers and other business figures, Cameroon Radio Television (CrTV) said. He delivered “a message of peace and living in harmony” while those who met him put forwardRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Cameroon has opened a probe into recent deadly violence linked to a symbolic declaration of independence in the west African nation’s English-speaking region, the defence minister said Friday. “Apart from the material damage, precise enquiries have been opened by judicial authorities on the toll,” Defence Minister Joseph Beti Assomo said on state radio. According to an AFP tally, 14 people died in violence ahead of the symbolic October 1 declaration of independence of Ambazonia, the name of the state the separatists want to create. But Amnesty International saidRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Catholic bishops have denounced the “barbarism” and “irresponsible use” of force against demonstrators in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions last weekend, which left at least 19 people dead. The clashes occurred as separatists leaders in the regions made a symbolic declaration of independence, saying the Anglophone minority has suffered decades of economic inequality and social injustice at the hands of the French-speaking majority. “We condemn in the strongest terms possible the barbarism and the irresponsible use of firearms against unarmed civilians by the forces of law and order, even ifRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) A home-made device exploded overnight near a police station in Cameroon’s restless English-speaking region, where separatist leaders have launched a campaign for independence, concurring sources said Tuesday. There were no reported casualties, they said. The bomb detonated near a police unit called the Mobile Intervention Group in Bamenda, the chief city in the Northwest Region, a security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The information was confirmed separately to AFP by an official with the regional government, who added that another device nearby was safely defused byRead More
Buea (Cameroon) (AFP) Police maintained a tight grip in English-speaking Cameroon on Monday a day after the anglophone minority declared symbolic independence, as the toll from weekend clashes rose to at least 17 dead, according to an unofficial tally. Highways in the anglophone Southwest Region remained blocked or filtered by police checkpoints in the early morning, and in the city of Buea the streets were virtually deserted and heavily patrolled. Police and troops set up five roadblocks on the vital 70-kilometre (43-mile) road link between Cameroon’s economic hub of DoualaRead More
Buea (Cameroon) (AFP) At least seven people were killed in Cameroon’s restive anglophone belt at the weekend as a separatist group made a symbolic declaration of independence. The separatists chose October 1, the anniversary of the official reunification of the anglophone and francophone parts of Cameroon, to declare independence for “Ambazonia”, the name of the state they want to create. Since November, the anglophone minority has been protesting against perceived discrimination. The government deployed security forces at the weekend in English-speaking regions, notably Buea in the southwest and Bamenda, theRead More
Buea (Cameroon) (AFP) A young man from Cameroon’s English-speaking region was shot dead by security forces on the eve of an expected symbolic declaration of independence by anglophone separatists, medical and security forces told AFP Sunday. “They fired at him during a security operation” in the city of Kumba, a nurse who requested anonymity told AFP. The incident was confirmed by a security source and several local residents contacted by phone. Kumba is known as a rebellious city since the start of protests by the anglophone minority last November, withRead More
Buea (Cameroon) (AFP) The main city in a restive English-speaking region of Cameroon was a virtual ghost town Saturday, with armed police patrolled the streets on the eve of an expected — but symbolic — declaration of independence from the French-speaking country by anglophone separatists. In Buea, the chief city in Cameroon’s Southwest Region, shops were closed, streets were almost deserted and the normally bustling university campus was lifeless after residents left, apparently fearing violence. On Thursday, the authorities announced a temporary curb on travel and public meetings across theRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Authorities in an English-speaking region in southwestern Cameroon on Thursday announced temporary curbs on travel and public meetings, adding to a curfew imposed in the northwest after protests by the country’s anglophone minority. The steps were announced ahead of what is expected to be a symbolic declaration of independence by Cameroon’s English speakers on Sunday. A fifth of the 22 million people in the francophone-majority West African state is English-speaking — a legacy of the unification in 1961 of two colonial-era entities previously run by France and Britain.Read More