Douala (AFP) Cameroon’s national youth holiday was marred by violence on Sunday, with three soldiers killed and a local official feared kidnapped by suspected separatists in the country’s restive English-speaking regions. Dozens of people have been killed in the west African country’s two anglophone regions since October after a violent crackdown on protests against the mainly French-speaking government. Authorities imposed a week-long curfew in the troubled areas on Saturday, citing fears of an “imminent” attack by separatists after numerous online threats. Army spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck on Sunday said theRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Cameroon imposed a week-long night curfew from Saturday in its restive English-speaking west citing fears of an “imminent” attack by separatists but long-serving President Paul Biya claimed the volatile situation had “stabilised”. Dozens of people have been killed in the two English-speaking regions since October after a violent crackdown on protests against the mainly French-speaking government. Many English-speakers have accused the Francophone majority of discrimination and that has fuelled a separatist movement. Army spokesman Colonel Didier Badjeck said the curfew would come into force Saturday. It will lastRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Cameroon security forces have killed four civilians in the country’s restive English-speaking west, local sources said Sunday. One person was shot dead late Saturday in Bamenda, the main regional town where he was enjoying a night out, his family said. “We were going home when the gendarmes stopped us. They opened fire on our vehicle because some of us were slow to get out,” the victim’s brother said. The victim’s father confirmed that he had identified his son’s body at the local morgue. On Friday two other peopleRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Three policemen and a civilian were killed on Thursday in separate incidents in a region of Cameroon roiled by separatist violence, three days after dozens of activists were extradited from neighbouring Nigeria, sources said. “Armed separatists this morning attacked a checkpoint” in the village of Bingo, in the country’s Northwest Region, according to a source familiar with military activity in the area. “Two wounded gendarmes were taken to hospital, where they died of their injuries,” the source said. In Bamenda, suspects riding a motorcycle also shot dead anRead More
Yaounde (Cameroon) (AFP) Facing tensions on two fronts with bitter unrest in English-speaking regions and Boko Haram jihadist attacks in the north, Cameroon must tackle an additional political challenge this year with strongman Paul Biya seeking re-election as president. Biya has spent 35 of his 84 years ruling the west African country, where presidential, legislative, senate and municipal polls are set to take place in October or November this year. First sweeping to power in 1984, in an election he won as the sole candidate, and the landslide victor ofRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) The president of the anglophone separatist movement in Cameroon, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, was extradited to Yaounde on Monday after being detained in Nigeria, the government said. Ayuk Tabe, who had been held in Abuja since January 5, was sent to Cameroon with 46 of his supporters, Cameroonian government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said in a statement. “A group of 47 terrorists, which includes Mr Ayuk Tabe, has been in the hands of the Cameroonian justice system for a few hours,” Tchiroma said. “They will answer for their crimes”Read More
Yaoundé (AFP) Four people were killed and two others kidnapped in separate overnight attacks in the far north of Cameroon, blamed on the Islamist group Boko Haram, sources told AFP on Thursday. Three of the victims were “slaughtered” in Kolofata, a town which borders Nigeria and that has seen a spate of attacks blamed on the jihadists, said a source close to the security services. A security officer in the region confirmed the information to AFP, and that two people were also abducted. In a second overnight attack, Boko HaramRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) Forty-three gold diggers died in abandoned mines in Cameroon in the first 10 months of last year, a watchdog group said Wednesday. “The toll of people who died in mining holes… reached 43 in the first 10 months” of 2017, said Foder, a local NGO whose full name in English means Forest and Rural Development. The group said much of the blame lay with corporations, many of them Chinese, which abandon open-cast gold mines after profitable seams run out. When the companies leave, individual gold hunters move in,Read More
Yaoundé (AFP) A Cameroonian reporter with Radio France International, Ahmed Abba, was Friday released from jail after 29 months in detention, his lawyer said. “Ahmed Abba left Yaounde prison around 9:15 pm (Friday). He has been with me since his release, he is doing well,” Charles Tchoungang told AFP. RFI editorial staff confirmed his release. A military tribunal in April sentenced Abba to 10 years in prison and fined him the equivalent of about 85,000 euros ($100,000) for “laundering the proceeds of terrorist acts” and “failure to denounce acts ofRead More
Yaoundé (AFP) A Radio France International (RFI) correspondent was acquitted Thursday in Cameroon after he was jailed for 10 years in April for “laundering the proceeds of terrorist acts”, representatives said. A military tribunal in Yaounde acquitted Ahmed Abba following an appeal, but he was sentenced to 24 months in prison for a lesser charge of failing to “denounce acts of terrorism”. This paves the way for his release although he has served a total of 29 months behind bars following his arrest in July 2015. He had been facingRead More