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Egypt will not apologize, but ask Kenyan diplomat to be fired for revealing “dogs and slaves” remark

Egypt demanded the dismissal of a Kenyan diplomat over her allegedly
“fabricated” charge that an Egyptian official had referred to
Africans as “dogs and slaves” [1]during a conference in Nairobi.
“Intensive investigations – Africanglobe reports –  conducted by the
ministry of foreign affairs over the past few days showed accusations
against the representative of Egypt … proved baseless and false,”
said ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid, as if they have ever admit to
doing anything wrong.
“The representative of Egypt did not utter any inappropriate or
offensive words against African countries,” he barked, adding that
“the minutes of the meeting sessions and video and audio tapes prove
that the accusations … were fabrications.”
The spokesman said the Egyptian embassy in Nairobi had been instructed
“to request the dismissal of the Kenyan coordinator responsible for
this grave mistake from their current position”.
Kenyan diplomat Yvonne Khamati accused an unnamed Egyptian official [2]
of making the remarks when the UN environmental conference went beyond
its schedule last weekend and ministers were unable to vote on
Khamati, a member of Kenya’s representation to the UN Environment
Programme, made the allegations in a memo circulated on social media
whose authenticity she confirmed.
She demanded that Egypt be banned from representing African interests
“in any negotiations” as a result of the allegations, which sparked
an outcry on social media.
In response, Cairo said on Tuesday that its foreign minister, Sameh
Shoukry, had ordered an “immediate investigation” into the

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