Addis Ababa (AFP) As soon as Ethiopian opposition activist Henok Gabisa read the email, he knew something was not right. With the subject line “Democracy in Ethiopia: Can it be saved?”, the message seemed tailor-made for him. Yet the US-based academic, who teaches law at Washington and Lee University, said it was written vaguely and contained a suspicious hyperlink. Indeed, the email was an attempt to infect his computer with spyware that secretly gathers information and similar to hundreds sent to Ethiopian dissidents worldwide that were probably ordered by theRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) The African Union has upped its goal to repatriate stranded migrants from Libya, saying in a statement that it aims to bring 20,000 Africans home in the next six weeks. Pressure has grown on the continental body and individual African states to get their citizens out of Libya after CNN broadcast a report showing black Africans being sold as slaves in the north African country. The African Union had earlier said it wanted to repatriate 15,000 migrants by the year’s end, but increased its goal after aRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) A German citizen was killed during an attack at a volcano near Ethiopia’s volatile border with Eritrea, Germany’s foreign ministry said Tuesday. The lava lake at Erta Ale volcano in Ethiopia’s arid Danakil depression is a popular tourist destination, despite a history of kidnappings and killings of visitors to the area. “The Foreign Office confirms one deceased German national during the attack at Erta Ale,” the ministry said in a statement without offering further details. Ethiopia’s government did not immediately respond to requests for comment and noRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) More than 100 people have been arrested in Ethiopia over a string of clashes earlier this year between two of the country’s largest ethnic groups that killed hundreds, the state-run broadcaster reported. Five people from the Somali region and 98 from the Oromia region were detained on suspicion that they were involved in the violence along the border between the two federal regions, Fana Broadcasting Corporate said Saturday, citing government spokesman Negeri Lencho. The Somali and Oromo people, who predominate these regions, are among Ethiopia’s largest ethnicRead More
Sheno (Ethiopia) (AFP) There’s one room at the Sheno primary school in rural Ethiopia that’s different from all the others, starting with the sign over the door reading: “Menstruation is a gift from God.” Inside this converted classroom, boys and girls gather in what some pupils call the “girls’ club” to break one of the country’s most enduring taboos: talking about periods. In Ethiopia, adolescent girls are generally left to muddle through puberty on their own without guidance or the means to buy sanitary pads. Only 54 percent of EthiopianRead More
The Ethiopian government on Friday announced a ban on protest rallies across the country, the state-owned ENA reports. The move according to the authorities is part of a national security plan aimed at consolidating peace and stability in the country. The defense minister, Siraj Fagessa, in a press brie ng after a national security council discussion said the ban was a consensus decision by the council with the aim of preventing deaths and destruction of properties across the country. The minister, however, admitted that parts of the country were becoming volatileRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) The United States embassy in Asmara has issued a warning about protests and gunfire in the Eritrean capital, though details of the rare bout of unrest remain unclear. Eritrea is one of the world’s most repressive countries and demonstrations are uncommon, but the embassy had on Tuesday issued a statement about “gunfire at several locations in Asmara due to protests”. “The Embassy advises US citizens to avoid the downtown area where protests appear to be more prevalent. Streets in the downtown area may be closed, and policeRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) Yetnebersh Nigussie’s first battle for disability rights was in law school, when she successfully pushed university administrators to provide Braille textbooks for blind students such as herself. Not long after, Yetnebersh, 35, left the legal profession to pursue a different type of advocacy as a full-time fighter for the rights and opportunities of Ethiopia’s millions of disabled people. Last month her life’s work was recognised with a Right Livelihood Award, often called the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. But her work is not yet complete. “There are still… millionsRead More
Addis Ababa (AFP) Zekarias Mesfin spent months making a movie about his dangerous illegal migration from Ethiopia — and when he arrived at the film’s premiere, he was in a coffin carried by six white-gloved pallbearers. Not that Zekarias, 33, was dead. But he chose the dramatic entrance to show how close to death he came 12 years ago when he left his home in Ethiopia to journey across the deserts of Sudan and Egypt to try to get to Israel. “I was almost dead,” Zekarias told AFP, following theRead More
The Honorable Paul Ryan Speaker of the House H-232 The Capitol Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Speaker Ryan, We are writing to underscore the importance of House Resolution (H.Res.) 128 and the need to bring it to a vote as soon as possible. The resolution, which calls for respect for human rights and encourages inclusive governance in Ethiopia, has strong bipartisan support with 71 co-sponsors. It passed the Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously on July 27, 2017 and was scheduled for a vote on October 2nd. However, on Thursday, September 28, theRead More