Conakry (AFP) Thousands of opposition activists took to the streets of Guinea’s capital on Wednesday to demand local elections be held after a 12-year absence, pressuring President Alpha Conde to set a date. Former prime minister Cellou Dalein Diallo led protesters who brandished signs reading “Alpha Conde, seven years of promises is enough” on a march from a Conakry suburb into the city. “I call on you to mobilise to confront the serious attacks on democracy by President Alpha Conde and his refusal to respect the conclusions of political agreementsRead More
Conakry (AFP) Footage of Guinea’s President Alpha Conde, 79, berating and mocking students has morphed into a national debate about his conduct, forcing the government to repeat a promise to provide university-goers with tablet computers. Tensions began at a student forum held on June 1, when Conde ranted at a booing section of young attendees, accusing them of throwing a tantrum for jumping up and down while chanting “Tablets! Tablets!” Conde made a “one student, one tablet” campaign promise during a 2015 presidential election that has yet to materialise, withRead More
Conakry (AFP) African Union chairman Alpha Conde on Sunday put himself forward as a mediator in the crisis between Qatar and other Gulf countries, urging dialogue after several African nations also recalled their ambassadors to Doha. Conde, who is president of Guinea which has close ties to Saudi Arabia, said in a letter to King Salman he had observed with “sadness” the feud between Qatar and its Gulf neighbours, which he described as “brother countries” of his Muslim-majority country. African nations including Chad, Niger and Senegal have recalled their ambassadorsRead More
Conakry (AFP) Guinea has seized a haul of shark fins and carcasses from Chinese ships fishing illegally off the coast of the west African country and fined the owners. The seizure was part of a push launched in February to crack down on illegal fishing in West African waters, aided by the environmental campaign group Greenpeace. “Three ships were boarded and searched, two for having shark fins on board,” Demba Guisse, the director of Guinea’s national fishing monitoring body, told AFP late Tuesday. With its vessel “Esperanza”, Greenpeace is workingRead More
Conakry (AFP) Guinean President Alpha Conde has sacked three ministers, including his education minister, in a reshuffle after a long strike by teachers and violent protests. The unrest saw a three-week strike culminate in clashes that left seven people dead in the capital and forced the closure of schools. Conde responded with a reshuffle which Monday saw him fire his pre-university education, civil service and environment ministers. Former teacher and union activist Ibrahima Kalil Konate replaced Ibrahima Kourouma as pre-university education minister. February’s protests were largely by young people andRead More
Conakry (AFP) At least six people died during violent protests in the Guinean capital Monday, as people demonstrated over teachers’ strikes that have closed schools for the past three weeks, government sources said. At least 30 people were also wounded, including members of the police force in Conakry, the government said in a statement. A number of violent protests have rocked the city in the past few weeks, mainly by young people and students who support a teachers’ strike. Teachers’ unions are demanding that contracted teachers, who are not fullRead More
Conakry (AFP) In pushing Yahya Jammeh to give up The Gambia’s presidency, negotiators played on two key cards: his deep Muslim faith and his professed love of country. Jammeh finally quit as president and went into exile on Saturday following intense lobbying by international powers, ending more than a month of crisis that began when he rejected the result of the December 1 election. Tibou Kamara, a former government minister from Guinea, went early in the crisis to convince Jammeh to leave after 22 years in power in favour ofRead More
Conakry (AFP) Guinea launched a new infectious disease centre Friday designed to safeguard the west African nation against a new resurgence in the Ebola virus, almost three years after the epidemic broke out. Ebola’s “patient zero”, a two-year-old boy living in the forests of southern Guinea, fell ill in December 2013 potentially after contact with a fruit bat, scientists believe. The new French-funded Institut Pasteur in Conakry will conduct research, train scientists and test for some of the world’s deadliest diseases, including Lassa fever, yellow fever and Rift Valley fever,Read More