Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s opposition filed a petition late Friday at the Supreme Court challenging the conduct and results of last week’s election won by President Uhuru Kenyatta, demanding new polls. Court registrar Esther Nyaiyaki received piles of bound papers from lawyers representing the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition, 90 minutes before the midnight deadline for challenges to be lodged. “The entire process of tallying recording, transmitting, verifying and confirmation of results was so fundamentally flawed that you cannot talk of any meaningful results,” NASA said in a statement outlining theRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Observers piled pressure on Kenya’s election commission Thursday to finish publishing results forms from every polling station, a day after the opposition said it would challenge the presidential outcome in court. Defeated opposition leader Raila Odinga claims the electronic results were hacked and manipulated to hand victory to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and plans to take his complaint to the Supreme Court. The failure of the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to publish all 40,883 “34A” forms, as required by law, makes it impossible to verify theRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s embattled opposition leader Raila Odinga vowed Wednesday to take his election rigging claims to court, while urging his supporters to protest peacefully against the “death of democracy”. Appearing tense and drawn, the 72-year-old Odinga ended days of suspense over his plans to contest last week’s presidential poll which he claims was hacked and rigged in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta. The veteran opposition leader and his National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition had previously said court was not an option, raising the spectre of further violent protests afterRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s interior minister on Wednesday suspended plans to shut down two rights bodies, a move that had raised alarm and suspicion just days after a hotly disputed election. The country’s NGO board, a regulatory body attached to the interior ministry, had earlier this week moved to shut down the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) as well as the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG). Officials from both organisations viewed the move as highly suspicious at a time when they are weighing legal action over last week’s presidential election,Read More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s Raila Odinga pushed back plans Tuesday to announce his next move on a disputed election, leaving Kenyans in suspense over a political crisis that has already sparked deadly protests. Speaking at the weekend, Odinga promised to advise supporters Tuesday of “the next course of action” but his eagerly awaited appearance failed to transpire. “We regret that the consultations are taking longer than anticipated and NASA will therefore not address Kenyans as projected today,” said a statement signed by Musalia Mudavadi, one of the leaders of the NationalRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga is expected to announce his strategy Wednesday for contesting his election loss, having further delayed a decision that could defuse or exacerbate tensions in the country. The 72-year-old insists he is the rightful winner of a “stolen” election which took place on August 8 and handed victory to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta. Speaking at the weekend, Odinga promised to announce his next move on Tuesday. But citing the “complexity and delicate nature” of discussions, his National Super Alliance (NASA) pushed the decision backRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya is to launch a bid to host the athletics world championships in 2023 after successfully staging two other international competitions in the last 10 years. No African nation has ever staged the sport’s flagship event, but Kenyan sports minister Hassan Wario said Kenya had shown its capability when it brought together athletes from 130 countries to compete in the IAAF World Under-18 Championships in Nairobi in July. “We have shown that we are capable to host smaller events, and it has now reached a time when weRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga was weighing his next move Monday to contest an election he claims was rigged after defying pressure at home and from abroad to take his complaints to the courts. The 72-year-old insists he was the rightful winner of a “stolen” election last week and urged his supporters to stay away from work Monday to mourn the deaths of those killed in angry protests against the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, after nearly a week in limbo in which businesses remained shut andRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday appealed to the opposition to hold legal demonstrations, not street protests, and allow Kenyans to get back to normal life after last week’s disputed vote. “To our friends who have yet to accept the outcome, we continue to appeal to them, and we have extended our arm and a hand of peace, and a hand of friendship, and for them to use whatever legal mechanisms that have been created via our wonderful constitution to express their dissatisfaction,” Kenyatta said. Opposition leader RailaRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya’s defeated opposition faced mounting calls at home and abroad to calm their supporters Sunday after claims of election rigging sparked violent protests that left at least 16 people dead. Odinga’s flashpoint strongholds in western Kisumu and Nairobi’s slums were quiet Sunday, with signs life was returning to normal after two days of running battles with police, who in some cases fired live ammunition to disperse protesters. But UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged thwarted presidential candidate Raila Odinga to “send a clear message to his supporters urgingRead More