Monrovia (AFP) Liberia’s outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says she will actively campaign for the handful of female candidates contesting elections in October, while her male vice-president seeks to replace her. There is just a single female candidate among 20 contenders running for president this year in Liberia, as Sirleaf steps down as Africa’s first female head of state following more than a decade in power. “I will not be seeking re-election in the October 2017 elections, I will be on my feet everywhere in my own little way toRead More
Monrovia (AFP) Liberia’s 20 presidential candidates, including a former warlord, footballer George Weah and a former fashion model, started campaigning Monday to succeed Africa’s first female head of state in October’s election. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is stepping down and there is no obvious frontrunner to lead the fragile west African state. The Nobel Prize-winning Sirleaf was elected to run in 2005 following a long civil war which left deep scars on Liberia’s economy and social fabric. Elections for the presidency and House of Representatives take place on October 10 —Read More
Monrovia (AFP) Standing in sweltering heat for hours at a time, painted head-to-toe in the colours of the tax authority, Emmanuel Howard has become a fixture at traffic junctions in Liberia’s capital Monrovia. He and dozens of other young men are deployed by advertising firms as colourful human billboards for client ranging from government agencies to brides-to-be. Standing stock still on the bustling roadsides, they have become street sensations. “I feel good being painted because this is what gives me my daily bread. Some of my friends are in theRead More
Monrovia (AFP) Liberia is making a giant leap into an electrified future with the rehabilitation of a hydropower plant damaged during a civil war, allowing small businesses to lower costs and boost productivity. The national grid of Liberia has until recently run on 38 MW of electricity, according to official figures, which is ordinarily enough to power just 38,000 homes in a nation of four million people. Taken offline by damage inflicted by Charles Taylor’s forces during Liberia’s first civil conflict in 1990, the Mount Coffee Hydropower plant has undergoneRead More
Monrovia (AFP) In November 2014, Salome Karwah of Liberia graced the cover of Time magazine as a symbol of strength and humanity after surviving Ebola and using her experience to help others with the virus. But last month, Karwah died shortly after giving birth to her fourth child — and her husband blames the stigma attached to Ebola. “My wife died because she was not catered to by nurses and doctors. The reason, I believe, is because she is an Ebola survivor,” James Harris said. “I am saying this becauseRead More
Monrovia (AFP) Liberia’s government has asked the United Nations to extend its peacekeeping mission in the west African country for another year, until the next president takes office. “Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lewis Brown, on behalf of his Government, is proposing one year for the extension of the United Nation’s Mission in Liberia (UNMIL),” the president’s office said in a press release sent to AFP on Thursday. Liberians will be going to the polls next year to elect a new president, as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ends herRead More