Khartoum (AFP) Sudan’s national carrier aims to revive its fleet by procuring new components from Boeing and Airbus after Washington lifted its 20-year-old trade embargo on Khartoum, a minister said Sunday. Sudan Airways, one of the oldest airlines in Africa, has 12 of its 14-strong fleet of aircraft grounded after failing to source spare parts from Boeing and Airbus because of the sanctions imposed in 1997. But on Friday, Washington lifted the embargo after months of diplomatic negotiations with Khartoum. The airline is now expected to be a key beneficiaryRead More
Khartoum (AFP) A Swiss humanitarian aid worker has been abducted in Darfur, officials said on Sunday, just weeks after the United Nations began downsizing its peacekeeping force in Sudan’s war-torn region. The kidnapping, the first such reported incident since the UN began to reduce its troop numbers in Darfur, comes just days after Washington lifted a 20-year-old trade embargo on Khartoum. The Swiss foreign ministry told AFP in Geneva in an email that it was “aware of the case of a Swiss woman kidnapped in Sudan (Darfur)”. “Our local representativesRead More
Khartoum (AFP) The top US envoy in Sudan said Saturday that conditions have to be “right” for holding talks with Khartoum on removing it from Washington’s blacklist of state sponsors of “terrorism”. US charge d’affaires to Khartoum Steven Koutsis’ remarks came a day after Washington ended its 20-year-old trade embargo on the east African country. However, the US did not drop Sudan from the blacklist, a consistent demand by Khartoum in return for cooperating with US intelligence agencies in fighting “terrorism”. “This is something that both sides are keenly willingRead More
Khartoum (AFP) Sudan faces a “paradox”, its foreign minister said Saturday, after Washington acknowledged Khartoum’s support in tackling violent extremism but kept it on a blacklist of state sponsors of “terrorism”. “This is a paradox. We are the best country cooperating on countering terrorism and at the same time we are on the list of state sponsors of terrorism,” Ibrahim Ghandour said. His remarks, the first since the United States lifted a 20-year-old trade embargo against Sudan on Friday, came hours after the top US envoy to Khartoum said conditionsRead More
Khartoum (AFP) Up until a few years ago, Sudanese engineer Ahmed Abdallah used to manage his family’s expenses on his $400 monthly salary but he has since had to take out loans to make ends meet. With the US State Department’s announcement Friday of an end to some of its toughest economic and trade sanctions on Sudan, Abdallah and his fellow Sudanese are looking forward to a brighter future. “We’ve been barely able to survive as my salary cannot cover even our essential needs,” the private sector employee told AFPRead More
Khartoum (AFP) UN humanitarian air operations in Sudan face being grounded because of an acute cash crunch, aid officials say, affecting the delivery of relief to thousands of people in conflict areas. The United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) has funding that will barely keep it flying until the end of November, raising the possibility that operations may have to cease from December. UNHAS has two fixed wing aircraft and three helicopters, but has already stopped flying to five out of 41 locations in the African country. “We are currentlyRead More
Khartoum (AFP) The United States on Tuesday demanded a “thorough investigation” into clashes last week between residents of a Darfur camp for the displaced and Sudanese forces in which five people died. Washington’s call comes just two days after it lifted a travel ban against Sudanese travelling to the United States and ahead of a decision by President Donald Trump on whether to permanently lift a decades-old US trade embargo on Sudan. Friday’s clashes, which the United Nations earlier said had killed three people and wounded 26, erupted when residentsRead More
Khartoum (AFP) Sudan vowed Monday to step up efforts to normalise relations with the United States after Washington dropped the country from a list of countries facing a US travel ban. US President Donald Trump decided to remove Sudan from the list just days ahead of an October 12 decision when he is to decide whether to permanently lift decades-old US sanctions on Khartoum. The decision was “a positive development in the two countries’ bilateral relations”, the foreign ministry said in a statement. It was a result of a “clearRead More
Khartoum (AFP) A court in Sudan on Sunday sentenced a university student to death after convicting him of killing a policeman during protests in the capital last year, a defence lawyer said. Asim Omer, who was studying at Khartoum University, was arrested in December 2016 and charged with killing the policeman after hundreds of students clashed with security forces at the campus on the banks of the Blue Nile in April of that year. Last month, the court found Omer guilty, and on Sunday sentenced him to be hanged. “TheRead More
Shattaya (Sudan) (AFP) Clashes between Sudanese forces and residents of a Darfur camp for the displaced killed three people Friday, the UN said, as President Omar al-Bashir urged reconciliation in the war-torn region. Bashir, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on genocide and war crimes charges related to the Darfur conflict, is touring the region ahead of a US decision next month on whether to permanently lift a decades-old trade embargo on Sudan. On Friday, residents of Camp Kalma in South Darfur who were protesting against Bashir’sRead More