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Slovenian authorities said Tuesday two migrants died in separate attempts to enter Slovenia by crossing the Kolpa river marking the EU's Schengen border with Croatia.Read More
Madrid (AFP) Three Spanish firefighters will stand trial in May in Greece for allegedly trying to help illegal migrants enter the country via Lesbos where they were taking part in sea rescue operations. The three, from the southern city of Seville, made the announcement late Thursday after meeting Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis in Madrid. “We’ve received commitment from the minister that we will get all the necessary consular help to face this process,” said Manuel Blanco, one of the accused. In a tweet, Dastis described the trio as havingRead More
Brussels (AFP) European law enforcement officials say they are tracking at least 65,000 migrant smugglers, twice as many as at the height of the migration crisis three years ago, as the illegal trade booms. Despite a drop in the number of migrants successfully crossing the Mediterranean since Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War II erupted in 2015, the EU’s police agency Europol said demand for smugglers was still “huge”. Many new suspects have also been identified, Europol added, as investigators in European countries track one of the fastest growingRead More
Washington (AFP) A United Nations migration official called Thursday for Facebook to police its site and its WhatsApp messaging subsidiary for use by abusive human smugglers. Leonard Doyle, director of media and communication at the UN International Organization for Migration, said that Facebook and WhatsApp have become the media of choice for people smugglers in the Middle East and Africa to advertise their services and make arrangements with migrants. But many of those groups abuse migrants, taking travelers hostage and beating them to demand ransoms from their families, he said.Read More
Berlin (AFP) A German food bank on Tuesday said it will reopen its doors to new migrant clients, some three months after its decision to stop giving free meals to foreigners sparked nationwide outrage. The Essener Tafel charity in the western city of Essen said non-Germans could start registering for the service again from Wednesday. “Right now, the ratio of Germans and foreigners in need is appropriate,” the group’s chairman, Joerg Sartor, told the Bild daily. “If new bottlenecks occur, we will have to adapt again.” From now on, preferenceRead More
Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) (AFP) Karim and Yves trekked for years through Africa from Cameroon before arriving in Spain where they now play football and rugby, realising a life-long ambition even if their daily lives are still a struggle. They’re not the only ones to have stepped onto Spanish shores with dreams of making it big in the sporting world. Associations and migrants say roughly a quarter of new arrivals’ main reason for coming is to play professionally. But a large majority are soon brought back down to earthRead More
Libya has issued arrest warrants for more than 200 Libyans and foreigners suspected of involvement in a smuggling network for Europe-bound migrants, the attorney general's office said on Thursday.Read More
Brussels (AFP) The EU warned African and other countries on Wednesday that their citizens will find it harder to get visas to Europe if they refuse to readmit economic migrants under the bloc’s efforts to curb migration. Brussels has been seeking greater cooperation from such countries to take back irregular migrants since Europe was hit in 2015 with its worst migration crisis since World War II. “I cannot understand how a country can refuse to take back its nationals” when they have entered Europe illegally, EU migration commissioner Dimitris AvramopoulosRead More
Tripoli (AFP) Libya has issued arrest warrants for more than 200 Libyans and foreigners suspected of involvement in a smuggling network for Europe-bound migrants, the attorney general’s office said on Thursday. “We have 205 arrest warrants for people (involved in) organising immigration operations, human trafficking, (cases) of torture, murder and rape,” said Seddik al-Sour, the director of the attorney general’s investigations office. The trafficking ring is alleged to include members of security services, leaders of migrant detention camps, and embassy officials from African countries based in Libya, Sour said. LibyaRead More
More than 16,000 African migrants have been repatriated from camps in Libya under an emergency plan, the EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Tuesday.Read More