Amudat (Uganda) (AFP) Thirty cows sealed 12-year-old Joyce’s fate. In exchange she became the third wife to a man as elderly as her father who traded her, never mind she had barely reached puberty. Joyce was sent from her home in western Kenya, across the nearby border to Uganda. Appalled, she soon ran from her husband and her new life, but she did not return home. Instead she sought refuge at Kalas Girls Primary School in northeast Uganda, alongside over 100 other young girls who have fled child marriage andRead More
Kampala (AFP) Uganda is investigating allegations of widespread fraud in its refugee aid programme, a government official said Monday, as the UN also raised concerns over human trafficking in Ugandan camps. “The office of the prime minister has received reports alleging that there could have been acts of mismanagement of funds and other resources meant to cater for refugees and host communities in the country,” said Musa Ecweru, Uganda’s minister of state for relief, disaster preparedness and refugees. “Government has already commenced measures to investigate these reports with a viewRead More
Kampala (AFP) A notorious Ugandan tabloid made its much anticipated return to news stands Monday after a two-month shutdown prompted by a story that Kampala was allegedly plotting to topple President Paul Kagame of neighbouring Rwanda. Some vendors in the centre of the capital Kampala said the Red Pepper sold out in minutes. The newspaper, which specialises in sensational gossip and political scoops, was closed in November. Eight of its editors and directors were charged with treason and defaming President Yoweri Museveni, his brother and the security minister. But lastRead More
Kampala (AFP) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday hailed Donald Trump for speaking “frankly” to Africans, after the US president unleashed a storm by reportedly describing African nations as “shithole countries.” “I love Trump because he speaks to Africans frankly. I don’t know if he was misquoted or whatever. He talks about Africans’ weaknesses frankly,” Museveni said in the capital Kampala to members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Trump reportedly used the language at a private White House meeting on January 12, which led to condemnation in theRead More
Kampala (AFP) Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Monday he regretted stopping executions in his “pre-industrial” country, just days after his vow to resume death sentences alarmed rights groups. Museveni last signed a death warrant in 1999 to execute 28 convicts, while execution under military law was last carried out in 2002. “I saw some NGOs opposing the death sentence. In a pre-industrial society like ours removing death sentence is a recipe for chaos. We believe in the law of Moses; eye for an eye”, Museveni told the annual judges conferenceRead More
Kampala (AFP) Uganda’s only radiotherapy machine was officially replaced Friday, nearly two years after the previous one broke down, giving hope to cancer patients who had been denied a crucial tool against the disease. The failure of the old machine in March 2016 caused a public outcry and was seen as symbolising the deterioration of Uganda’s medical services. Since 1995, Mulago Hospital in Kampala had become a hub for treating cancer patients across east Africa, many of them coming from countries lacking radiotherapy equipment. On Friday, Prime Minister Ruhakana RugundaRead More
Kampala (AFP) Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni has signed into law a bill removing presidential age limits, a spokesman said Tuesday, clearing the way for the 73-year-old’s expected sixth run at the presidency in 2021. The controversial constitutional amendment removes the age limit of 75 years imposed on presidential candidates and was pushed through by ruling party MPs last month. It was signed by Museveni on December 27 but not publicly acknowledged until now. “The president assented to the bill and it is now law,” said press secretary Don Wanyama. “The previousRead More
Kampala (AFP) Uganda’s army said Friday it had launched attacks on a shadowy rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where the militants killed 14 UN peacekeepers earlier this month. Army spokesman Richard Karemire said the air force and long-range artillery were used in the cross-border strike, however no ground troops were deployed in what was described as a “pre-emptive move”. He said in a statement that intelligence sharing with the DRC revealed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel group was planning “hostile activities” against Uganda. The ADF,Read More
Kampala (AFP) Uganda’s army said Friday that it had launched attacks on a shadowy rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where the militants killed 14 UN peacekeepers earlier this month. “Shared intelligence between Uganda and the DRC confirmed that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists which recently carried out attacks on UN peacekeepers… were planning to conduct hostile activities against Uganda,” the army said in a statement. “In a pre-emptive move, this afternoon UPDF (Ugandan People’s Defence Force) conducted attacks on their camps in Eastern DRC.” TheRead More
Kampala (AFP) Ugandan lawmakers voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to remove presidential age limits, paving the way for President Yoweri Museveni to serve a sixth term in office. The highly controversial bill passed with 315 votes for, 62 against and two abstentions, after three days of chaotic debates in which some opposition MPs were suspended, while others walked out. The bill will pass into law once it is signed by Museveni. Under current laws Museveni, 73, would not be eligible to run for office again in 2021 as candidates over 75 areRead More