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UN probes DR Congo clashes that killed Burundi refugees

United Nations, United States, Jan 17, 2018 (AFP)

The United Nations announced Tuesday it will investigate the death of 39 Burundian refugees in clashes with soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo in September.
The soldiers allegedly opened fire on the refugees in eastern South Kivu province after they protested the detention of a small group of Burundians by Congolese authorities.
Nigerian Lieutenant-General Chikadibia Isaac Obiakor will lead the UN investigation of the violence on September 15 in Kamanyola, said a UN statement.
The special investigation will look into the response of UN peacekeepers to the violence and provide recommendations, it added.
UN peacekeepers sought to intervene to halt the clashes that left 39 dead including women and children, and 94 wounded.
A Congolese soldier was killed in the violence.
More than 43,000 Burundians have arrived in DR Congo since 2015.

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