• Area 2.381.741 kmq
  • GDB 168.318 billion $
  • Population 37.900.000 (2013)
  • Inflation 4,20% (2015)
  • Average age 27,5
Algiers (AFP) French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday made his first official visit to Algeria, announcing that he came as a “friend” despite France’s historically prickly relationship with its former colony. Ties between Paris and Algiers have defrosted in recent years, a half-century after French forces brutally cracked down on independence fighters in a 1954-1962 war that left some 1.5 million Algerians dead. Macron, the first French president to be born after the war, told news website Tout sur l’Algerie that he was “ready” to see his country hand backRead More
Algiers (AFP) Stifled by the internet and 24-hour news channels as well as political pressures, Algeria’s independent press born only 25 years ago is struggling in a crisis that has already killed off dozens of titles. Algeria’s “democratic spring” that followed widespread protests in October 1988 put an end to a quarter century of single party rule and a state monopoly of the media, with independent newspapers emerging on the scene. Some of them have built up large circulations and are still going, such as the Arabic-language Echorouk and El-KhabarRead More
Algiers (AFP) Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s ruling party and its allies won local polls in which less than half the electorate took part, official results showed Friday. The National Liberation Front (FLN) was the victor in 603 out of 1,541 municipalities, 400 fewer than in the last polls in 2012, while the National Democratic Party (RDN) came out on top in 451 municipalities, an increase of 100. Less than half of the 22-million-strong electorate took part in Thursday’s vote for city councils and for 48 state legislatures, in which theRead More
Algiers (AFP) Algerians trickled to the polls Thursday to vote in local elections after a low-key campaign that has brought no expectation of change in the North African state. In a rare public outing, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who is expected to seek a fifth term in office in 2019, appeared in a wheelchair to cast his ballot paper at a polling station in Algiers. Bouteflika, 80, who won a fourth term in 2014, has used a wheelchair for public appearances since a 2013 stroke. Dozens of political parties and fourRead More
Algiers (AFP) At the foot of the famed UNESCO-listed Casbah district in Algiers, the Ketchaoua Mosque has had a tumultuous past that, at one point, saw it turned into a cathedral under French rule. Now the ornate towers and arches are set for a new chapter as the majestic place of worship gets ready to open its doors for the first time in nearly a decade following a lengthy renovation. Once a symbol of Ottoman influence, it was known for more than a century as the Roman Catholic Saint PhilippeRead More
Algiers (AFP) French carmaker PSA signed a deal on Sunday with three Algerian firms to set up a car-manufacturing base in the North African country with production to begin next year. After two years of negotiations, the joint venture deal was inked at a ceremony attended by Algerian Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian. The first Peugeot and Citroen models will roll off the assembly line next year at a plant in a suburb of Oran, 400 kilometres (250 miles) west of Algiers. Under theRead More
Boujdour Camp (Algeria) (AFP) Selembouha Dadi can only imagine the homeland she dreams of but has never seen, agonisingly out of reach beyond the Algerian refugee camp where she has spent her whole life. “They tell me it was beautiful,” the 25-year-old told AFP. The territory that Dadi yearns for is Western Sahara, a sprawling swathe of desert on Africa’s Atlantic coast that has been disputed by Morocco and independence fighters from the Polisario Front for decades. Her father Moulay abandoned everything and fled 42 years ago when Moroccan troopsRead More
Tindouf (Algeria) (AFP) The new UN envoy for disputed Western Sahara, Horst Koehler, met leaders of an Algerian-backed independence movement Wednesday after visiting Morocco in a bid to get stalled peace talks back on track. Koehler, a former German president tasked by the United Nations in August with mediating the decades-old dispute, sat down with leaders from the pro-independence Polisario Front as he made his first trip to the refugee camps in Algeria where they are based. The meeting is part of a fresh push by the United Nations toRead More