• Area 2.381.741 kmq
  • GDB 168.318 billion $
  • Population 37.900.000 (2013)
  • Inflation 4,20% (2015)
  • Average age 27,5
Algiers (AFP) Ailing Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, who rarely appears in public, received Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday, the APS news agency reported. Russian and Algerian state media published pictures of the meeting, which was closed to other news outlets. Bouteflika, who is 80 and has held office since 1999, suffered a mini-stroke in 2013 that affected his speech and mobility. He has since used a wheelchair and is occasionally featured in state media receiving foreign dignitaries. In September, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro paid a 24-hour visit toRead More
Algiers (AFP) Three Algerian public figures including a former foreign minister said Sunday that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika “is no longer able to lead” and should be barred from seeking a fifth term. Bouteflika, who is 80 and has held office since 1999, won a fourth term in a 2014 election despite having suffered a mini-stroke the previous year that affected his speech and mobility. He has since used a wheelchair during his rare appearances in public. Members of his team have publicly suggested that he may run for a fifthRead More
Batna (Algeria) (AFP) By donating one of her kidneys, Nawel gave her husband Boubaker Ziani a new lease on life after he had undergone 16 years of dialysis. But in Algeria and across the entire Maghreb in North Africa, many people continue to suffer or die because of the lack of donors. Part of the problem lies with laws restricting the harvesting of human organs, coupled with cultural or religious reticence, despite Muslim theologians’ approval of organ donations. Ziani’s wife offered him a kidney after she saw that he hadRead More
Algiers (AFP) Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited fellow OPEC member Algeria Monday for talks after announcing Caracas would sell crude oil in non-dollar currencies in a bid to resist US sanctions. Maduro arrived late Sunday in the North African country and met Senate speaker Abdelkader Bensalah on Monday to discuss oil policies, the Venezuelan government said. The Algerian presidency said Maduro and his hosts were to review the situation on world oil markets. The statements made no mention of whether he would meet his ailing Algerian counterpart President Abdelaziz Bouteflika,Read More
Algiers (AFP) A suicide bomber killed two Algerian policemen on Thursday, including one who threw himself on the attacker whose explosives belt then detonated, state media said, in the second such jihadist attack this year in the North African state. The Islamic State jihadist group, in a posting on its Telegram site, said “a martyrdom-seeker” from IS “detonated his explosive belt near an Algerian security headquarters” in Tiaret, according to the US monitor, SITE Intelligence Group. The attacker tried to enter the police headquarters in Tiaret, 350 kilometres (220 miles)Read More
Algiers (AFP) Accused of heresy by Islamist extremists and targeted by the authorities, members of Algeria’s tiny Ahmadi community say they have been forced to go underground to worship. Abderahmane, a 42-year-old trader from Kabylie in northern Algeria, joined the reformist Islamic movement after years as an ultra-conservative Salafist. People he once called friends reported him to the local imam, who publicly denounced him as an unbeliever. The imam went on to urge worshippers not to let their children play with Ahmadi children. “My sister’s engagement was cancelled because herRead More
Algiers (AFP) The Algerian-backed Polisario Front movement seeking independence for disputed Western Sahara on Thursday denounced as “unjust” a Moroccan court’s decision to sentence a group of Sahrawis to prison. On Wednesday a court in Sale near Rabat sentenced 23 Sahrawis to prison terms ranging from two years to life over the killing of 11 members of the Moroccan security forces in Western Sahara. The case had been closely followed by human rights campaigners. Morocco and the Polisario Front have accused each other of provoking deadly clashes between police andRead More