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Cameroon: new evidence on the Magil affaire

Rumors about the scandal involving the Canadian construction company Magil continue to come from Cameroon. Other news have appeared in the local press today that reconstruct a bad history of corruption that would see as protagonists the Minister of Sport in charge, Magil’s managers, the heads of the audit firm responsible for verifying the work and Benoit Fabre, an unfaithful employee of Piccini,, the Italian construction company victim of the attempt to oust from the construction of the new stadium in Youndé dedicated to President Paul Biya.

The news arrived today reconstruct the story starting from January 2019, the date of the inauguration of the new Cameroonian Sports Minister. As far as we know it would seem that shortly after the inauguration, the Minister of Sport has begun to manifest an obvious as well as surprising and even suspected hostility against Piccini. Surprising precisely because the work of the Italian company had had a miraculous delivering of 90 percent of the work in record time, in other words, in only eight months, and thus recovering the 15 months that had been lost due to bureaucratic problems attributable to the State of Cameroon. Despite this particularly effective work, the Minister did nothing but increase the hostile gestures against Piccini until the attempt to revoke the existing contract and entrust it to Magil.

The accusations which have now become public and which would see Franck Mathiere, Vice President of Magil, and Benoit Fabre, an unfaithful employee of Piccini herself, at the centre of a criminal plan based on corruption, now make the picture much clearer. A picture that, if not dealt quickly and incisively, exposes Cameroon once again to serious risks for the organization of the next African Cup of Nations.

The leaders of the Can, which is the greatest continental football event, are not willing to endorse in practice unclear situations or, as in this case, the result of palace intrigue and corruption. The Afrique Moyen Oriental magazine in particular points out that Cameroon, signing a new contract with Magil, would have lost time and money. In short, a bad story that doesn’t give credit to a country like Cameroon, for long time engaged in the fight against corruption and in the search for strong development. It is now to be seen how in the next few days the judiciary will intervene in this regard and how the country will try to remedy this new hindrance on its way to the 2021 African Cup of Nations.


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