Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) The main opposition party in Equatorial Guinea has been dissolved by a court that also jailed 21 of its activists for more than 30 years, state media reported on Tuesday. The Citizens for Innovation (CI) party will be “withdrawn (from) the register of political parties in the country”, the presiding judge at the court in Mongomo, Jose Rafael Nguema, said on TVGE state television. The rulings were made Monday during the trial of 147 CI activists accused of “rebellion” in the small, oil-rich central African nation,Read More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea’s public prosecutor has demanded the release of a cartoonist, held for more than five months, because of a “lack of evidence”. “Having noted the lack of clear evidence, the prosecution does not ask for any penalty” against Ramon Esono Ebale, prosecutor Rafael Ondo Nguema told the court in capital Malabo at the start of the trial on Monday. After Ebale was arrested in mid-September, the government announced it was for “money laundering and forgery”, saying a million CFA francs in counterfeit money (1,500 euros)Read More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea’s main opposition party “must be dissolved”, the attorney general has said during the trial of 147 of its activists who are accused of “rebellion”. “The Citizens for Innovation (CI) party should be dissolved, there is violence wherever it holds meetings,” said David Nguema Obiang during the trial in Mongomo, excerpts of which were broadcast on state television Friday. “It doesn’t even resemble a political party… It’s like a paramilitary group.” The mass trial, which began on February 12, involves CI activists and senior officialsRead More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema has reappointed his prime minister after dissolving the government last week. “Making use of the powers granted to me by law, I appoint Francisco Pascual Obama Asue as Prime Minister in charge of administrative coordination,” said a presidential decree, read on national television on Monday night. Obiang also renamed the three deputy prime ministers to their posts. Further appointments to his team are due to be announced later this week. The outgoing government, formed after the April 2016 presidential election,Read More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea’s president Teodoro Obiang Nguema has dissolved his government, including the powers of the prime minister and his three deputies, according to a decree read out on state television on Saturday. The country went to the polls for legislative, senatorial and municipal elections of November 12, last year. “Making use of the powers bestowed on me by the fundamental law, I put an end to the functions of the prime minister in charge of administrative coordination, of his deputy prime ministers and the rest ofRead More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema has said he will not agree to any extradition order for former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh, who has been living in exile in the central African country after being forced to quit power last year. Jammeh, who seized control of The Gambia in a 1994 military coup, lost a democratic election and refused to step aside until threatened with military intervention. The Gambian strongman is accused by the current government and rights groups of ordering the torture and murder ofRead More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) An opposition activist died in prison after being tortured in Equatorial Guinea, the country’s main opposition party said Monday, accusing the government of “cruel and inhumane” treatment of its detainees. Santiago Ebee Ela, 41, died at the central police station in capital Malabo on Saturday night as a result of “cruel torture”, Citizens for Innovation (CI) said in a statement. “The death of Santiago Ebee Ela is a consequence of the cruel and inhumane treatment shown to CI detainees by security forces of the PDGE regime,”Read More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) Equatorial Guinea said Wednesday that an attempted coup against its government was organised in France, amplifying charges that an exile living in Europe was behind the plot. “The plan was organised on French territory,” Foreign Minister Agapito Mba Mokuy told a press conference. “It has nothing to do with the French government,” he said, adding, “we will cooperate with France as soon as we have more information”. Mokuy also said that in the light of the purported coup, his country was suspending participation in a newRead More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) A United Nations special envoy has assured oil-rich Equatorial Guinea it will be supported in its “stabilisation efforts” following a “coup attempt” against President Teodoro Obiang, Africa’s longest-serving leader. Francois Lounceny Fall, a former prime minister of Guinea, arrived in Equatorial Guinea over the weekend to meet Obiang and to “gather more information” on the putsch that Malabo said was mounted by foreign mercenaries on December 24. “We are leaving here comforted by the assurances we have received from the President of the Republic, and IRead More
Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) (AFP) The United Nations said Thursday it will dispatch an envoy to Equatorial Guinea after authorities in the oil-rich country said they had thwarted a coup attempt against President Theodoro Obiang, Africa’s longest-serving leader. The West African nation was put on alert Wednesday after a senior government official announced that a putsch mounted by foreign mercenaries on December 24 had been put down. Hours after Security Minister Mahamat Zen Cherif’s televised statement, state broadcaster TGVE reported clashes with “mercenaries” near the border with Cameroon. Government troops shotRead More