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Luiss acquires the Amsterdam Fashion Academy

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Super-positive budget for AltaRoma 2020

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Oslo: Abiy shares the nobel with Afewerki

In his speech in Oslo on the occasion of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, sharing his award with President Eritrean Isaias Afwerki, put things back in the right place. In his words, he stressed the blatant mistake of a Nobel committee that should have awarded the prize to both presidents rather than just one.  And this for at least two very good reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that it takes two to make peace. Without the will of one of the two contenders, inRead More
BY BILLION TEMESGHEN In line with the recently held campaign against women discrimination, local media outlets have spoken to Ms. Marielle Sander (Sweden), representative in Eritrea of UNFPA the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.  Eritrea Profile by TesfaNews presents you a compiled version of the interview Ms. Sander gave to Open Mic. Q : Hello and thank you for your time. Ms. Marielle Sander: Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am the representative of UNFPA and I have been here in Eritrea for four months now. However, I have been working with UNFPARead More

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Cameroon: new evidence on the Magil affaire

Rumors about the scandal involving the Canadian construction company Magil continue to come from Cameroon. Other news have appeared in the local press today that reconstruct a bad history of corruption that would see as protagonists the Minister of Sport in charge, Magil’s managers, the heads of the audit firm responsible for verifying the work and Benoit Fabre, an unfaithful employee of Piccini,, the Italian construction company victim of the attempt to oust from the construction of the new stadium in Youndé dedicated to President Paul Biya. The news arrivedRead More

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Eritrea accuses Qatar of destabilizing actions

by Jeremy Abarath The Eritrean Government has once again taken a very tough stance to denounce serious subversive activities by Qatar aimed at destabilising the government in Asmara. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Information in a list of 10 points are summarized all the destabilizing activities that would have been carried out. In particular, the ministry led by Yemane Gebremeshel denounces “the deplorable schemes of subversion of Qatar” which uses “Sudan as a springboard”. Here, point by point, are the destabilizing activities, “nefarious, even if irrelevant”, whichRead More
Asmara – The Eritrean Ministry of Information has made public a series of documents that testify to the activities conducted by the CIA, the secret services of the United States, in Eritrea in order to destabilize the country led by President Isaias Afewerki (photo, with ethiopian President Abiy Ahmed). Below we publish the original document disclosed by the government of Asmara in which the whole affair is reconstructed. Let us remember that it was thanks to such activities that the small country of the Horn of Africa was subjected toRead More
By James Crowe   Conakry – The return to the country after a stay in Moscow and Paris was a popular celebration during which the Guinean people wanted to express their support and encouragement to move forward towards what everyone considers the father of the country. A resounding welcome worth more than a thousand speeches and testifying to the consent, esteem and love enjoyed by the President of the Alpha Condé Republic. In this exclusive interview, we asked the former Sorbonne professor to take stock of the situation.   BackRead More

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Guinea: an oceanic crowd marches for Condé

Conakry – Guinea has chosen, Guinea wants reforms, Guinea is with its President Alpha Condé. An oceanic crowd of hundreds of thousands of Guineans, who can never be seen except at decisive moments, took to the streets of the capital Conakry to express their support for the President, who returned after a trip that took him first to Russia, where he met President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa conference, and then to Paris where, at the invitation of the Secretary General of the OECD Angel Gurrìa, heRead More
  Asmara, 26 October 2019 – President Isaias Afwerki met today, at Adi Halo, the joint UN-AU delegation led by Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Amina Mohammed. The delegation is on a two-day visit to Eritrea to highlight “the critical role of women’s meaningful participation in peace, security and development”. President Isaias underlined that the joint high-level visit was testimony to the deepening of cooperation and engagement between Eritrea and the UN. The President elucidated Eritrea’s experience in the national liberation struggle and subsequent phase of nation-building . At the meetingRead More