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Eritrea accuses Qatar of destabilizing actions

by Jeremy Abarath

The Eritrean Government has once again taken a very tough stance to denounce serious subversive activities by Qatar aimed at destabilising the government in Asmara. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Information in a list of 10 points are summarized all the destabilizing activities that would have been carried out. In particular, the ministry led by Yemane Gebremeshel denounces “the deplorable schemes of subversion of Qatar” which uses “Sudan as a springboard”. Here, point by point, are the destabilizing activities, “nefarious, even if irrelevant”, which Asmara attributes to Qatar. (Photo President of Eritrea Isaias Afewerki)

  1. To regroup Eritrean opposition political leaders; unify their associations and extend requisite support to the latter;
  1. To give special focus to Eritrean youth; unify their associations and incite them to engage in acts of rebellion against the Eritrean government;
  1. To instill religious extremism on Eritrean Islamist opposition elements and thereby induce an uprising of Eritrean Muslims against their compatriots;
  1. To sow the seeds of ethnic cleavage and hatred among the Eritrean people;
  1. To launch efforts to induce protests and demonstrations in Eritrean cities against the Government;
  1. To give military training (in the Sudan) to “Muslim Brotherhood” opposition elements in the planting of landmines, ambushes and assassination of prominent government officials; to facilitate their infiltration into Eritrea to conduct these operations;
  1. To assassinate influential Eritrean leaders;
  1. To conduct acts of economic sabotage in Eritrea;
  1. To intensify hostile propaganda;
  1. To publicize human rights violations in Eritrea in international organizations and foreign countries; to disseminate documents and videos to that effect

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