Reportage by Sabrina Yohannes – Tesfanews – After his first marathon victory at the Beijing world championships in 2015, Eritrea’s Sabrina Yohannes Ghirmay Ghebreslassie mused on the fact that his family had objected to his taking up running.“My parents wanted me to be a great student but I wanted to be a great athlete,” he quipped at the time. “Today’s victory will be a great surprise to them.” “They had special ambitions for me in school, to go to the university,” Ghebreslassie told RunBlogRun in an interview after he won the 2016 TCS New YorkRead More
The scourge of terrorism perpetrated under the mantle of religion; the upheavals, huge loss of life and destruction of property that it entails are not, indeed, new in the annals of the political history of mankind. But it has assumed new dimensions in this century. As such, it is breeding instability in various parts of our world; posing as it does a serious threat to international peace and security and causing increasing consternation among powerful and weak nations alike. The phenomenon accordingly warrants a profound appraisal and serious approach thatRead More
STATEMENT BY H.E. MR. OSMAN SALEH, MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF THE STATE OF ERITREA, DURING THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING ON APPRAISAL OF THE GLOBAL PLAN OF ACTION TO COMBAT TRAFFICKING IN PERSON NEW YORK, 27 SEPTEMBER 2017 Mr. President, It is a great honor for me to address this Assembly on behalf of the Eritrean people and government who for the past half a centuryare resolutely fighting for human dignity and regional stability. They have been at the forefront of the struggle to combat and eradicate human traffickingRead More