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Guinea: an oceanic crowd marches for Condé

Conakry – Guinea has chosen, Guinea wants reforms, Guinea is with its President Alpha Condé. An oceanic crowd of hundreds of thousands of Guineans, who can never be seen except at decisive moments, took to the streets of the capital Conakry to express their support for the President, who returned after a trip that took him first to Russia, where he met President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa conference, and then to Paris where, at the invitation of the Secretary General of the OECD Angel Gurrìa, he spoke as President of AREI on the subject of renewable energy in Africa.

The delirious crowd that spontaneously took to the streets is more than a gesture of political sharing. The Guineans wanted to make what they consider the father and saviour of the country feel their affection, they wanted to restore truth and balance. The peaceful and festive demonstration of Conakry denies in fact the propaganda activated by the opposition that in recent weeks had tried to start protests and tear the phase of listening that President Alpha Condé had started in the country since last September. An unreal narrative, characterized by the spread of false news that is now denied by a popular demonstration that has no precedent. The photos we publish on this page are worth more than a thousand speeches. They testify to the extraordinary bond that exists between Alpha Condé and its people. They show that the work done by this former Sorbonne professor in eight years has been seen and appreciated by all. Alpha Condé has reformed the army, which came after decades of military dictatorship, has restructured the administrative apparatus of the state, has defeated Ebola, has strengthened all the infrastructure, has relaunched the economy and launched the country towards a future of greater stability and prosperity. The Guineans know that. That is why they now wanted to support it in such a resounding way. They want it to go ahead, to finish the work it has begun.


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