Ivory Coast

Abidjan (AFP) An Antonov cargo plane that crashed off Ivory Coast Saturday, killing four, was chartered by the French army as part of the anti-jihadist Operation Barkhane, military sources said. The four dead are Moldovan and six other people, including French nationals, were injured in the crash of the aircraft which had 10 people on board, Colonel Issa Sakho, an Ivorian firefighter, told local television. A French military source said the Antonov was chartered as part of Barkhane, under which France maintains a 4,000-man mission in the region. The operationRead More
Abidjan (AFP) Four Moldovan nationals were killed on Saturday when a transport plane chartered by the French army crashed off Ivory Coast, firefighters said. Another six people were injured in the crash of the Antonov aircraft which had 10 people on board, firefighter Colonel Issa Sakho told local television. Four French nationals were among the injured, a French military source said, indicating that the plane had been chartered as part of the anti-jihadist Operation Barkhane. “There were 10 people on board, Moldovans and French people. The four victims who diedRead More
Abidjan (AFP) It has been buffeted by the pendulum swing of domestic politics and suffered looting that left it without some of its most precious items. But Ivory Coast’s Museum of Civilisations is now back, and determined to recover its place as one of the richest museums of African art in the world — a place of “incomparable wealth,” as Senegal’s late poet-president Leopold Sedar Senghor said in a 1971 visit. Looted four decades later during a political and military showdown, the museum shut its doors for a two-year refurbishment,Read More
Abidjan (AFP) Ivory Coast, the world’s top cocoa grower, on Sunday set its minimum rate for farmers at 700 CFA francs per kilo for the 2017-18 crop, a steep drop over the previous year, due to falling global prices. Although production increased 28.5 percent to a record 2.15 million tonnes in the 2016-17 season, world cocoa prices have fallen by more than a third. The minimum price guaranteed to farmers was 1,100 CFA francs (1.68 euros, about $1) per kilo at the start of the 2016-17 season. But the IvorianRead More
Abidjan (AFP) The cocoa crop of Ivory Coast, the world’s biggest producer, increased 28.5 percent to a record 2.15 million tonnes in the 2016-17 season, the national Coffee and Cocoa Council said Friday. Exports increased by 23.3 percent to 1.9 million tonnes, helping to raise the overall gross income of the country’s producers by 28.6 percent to 2.013 trillion CFA francs (3.2 billion euros, $3.8 billion), compared to 1.565 trillion the previous season. But the year was “marked by a deep crisis,” said Lambert Kouassi Konan, chairman of the boardRead More
Grand-Lahou (Ivory Coast) (AFP) “Oooah! Oooah!” Screeching to see visitors on the forested “Chimpanzee Island” in Ivory Coast, Ponso is the last, lonely survivor of a colony of 20 apes who mysteriously died or vanished. An effort is under way to keep Ponso alive and well in a west African country where the ape population has plummeted by 90 percent in just two decades. Chimpanzee Island adjoins the village of Grand-Lahou in the Bandaman estuary, an outlying reach of tropical forest about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from the commercial capital,Read More
Abidjan (AFP) The chocolate industry is indirectly driving massive and illegal deforestation in Ivory Coast, fuelling a catastrophic decline in wildlife, a green group said Wednesday. “In several national parks and other protected areas, 90 percent or more of the land mass has been converted to cocoa,” the group Mighty Earth said in its investigation. “Less than four percent of Ivory Coast remains densely forested,” it said. “The chocolate companies’ laissez-faire approach to sourcing has driven extensive deforestation in Ghana as well.” Habitat loss has been disastrous for protected species,Read More
Abidjan (AFP) A group of people allied to Ivory Coast’s former leader Laurent Gbagbo are behind a wave of recent attacks on police posts, the interior minister said Thursday. Thirty-five people have been arrested over the violence, which is being led by two men who are already in exile, Interior Minister Sidiki Diakite said after a meeting of the National Security Council. “These attacks are part of a project of destabilisation notably involving political leaders both inside and outside the country,” the minister said, according to a statement. Ivory CoastRead More
Abidjan (AFP) Vieux-Pere runs his fingers through his patchy hair as he remembers escaping being lynched. “The locals caught me and hit me everywhere, I still have scars on my skull,” he says. “That’s why I can’t get my hair right,” he says with a laugh. For nearly 10 years the 24-year-old was in a “microbe” gang, the name residents have given to the youth gangs who rob, attack and sometimes kill to get by in Ivory Coast’s economic capital Abidjan. Hundreds of youngsters — some as young as 10Read More
Abidjan (AFP) With names like “Caribbean Flower” and “Love in Manhattan”, international TV soaps aimed at women have been taking African screens by storm. In Ivory Coast, Latin American telenovelas — melodramatic sagas focused on complicated romantic intrigues — have been gradually eating into TV schedules, dubbed into French along with similar offerings from India and across Africa. And the viewers can’t get enough of them. “When I watch a series, all my worries disappear,” says Abe Mireille, a hairdresser in the economic capital Abidjan. Traore Adama, a taxi driverRead More