• Area 710,850 kmq
  • GDB 103.08 billion $
  • Population 33,848,242
  • Inflation 1,50% (2015)
  • Average age 27,5
Rabat (AFP) Moroccan police on Friday arrested a newspaper publisher and prominent journalist, known for editorials critical of authorities in the North African country, a colleague said. Taoufiq Bouachrine, 49, was arrested during a police raid on his newspaper, Akhbar al-Yaoum, in Casablanca, Mounir Abou Al Maali told AFP. He said around 20 policemen in civilian clothes entered the offices of the newspaper and searched it. “They took pictures and confiscated the key,” to the office, he said. Abou Al Maali said it was not immediately clear why Bouachrine wasRead More
Rabat (AFP) Morocco has acquitted a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, held without charge by the US military for over 13 years, of “undermining state security”, his lawyer said Friday. Yunis Chekkouri was arrested by Pakistani forces in late December 2001 with a group of several dozen alleged fighters who had fled the Tora Bora cave complex in eastern Afghanistan, a stronghold of the Taliban and its Al-Qaeda allies. The following year he was flown to the Guantanamo Bay military prison, where he was locked up for over 13 years butRead More
Rabat (AFP) Moroccan authorities said Sunday they had seized nearly 541 kilos (1,200 pounds) of cocaine in a container from Latin America which arrived in Casablanca. Six people including a Brazilian suspected of being the “mastermind of a criminal network” were arrested, according to the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ). It also seized five vehicles and “large sums of money” in Moroccan dirhams and other currencies. In a statement, the BCIJ said it was investigating a “dangerous” criminal network linked to Latin American cartels taking advantage of “the kingdom’sRead More
Casablanca (Morocco) (AFP) Ayoub el Kaabi scored his ninth goal of the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) as Morocco became the first hosts to triumph by thrashing 10-man Nigeria 4-0 Sunday in a Casablanca downpour. With Nigeria in disarray and the final long over as a contest, the previously little known striker completed his record-extending goal haul by firing into the net from close range. Zakaria Hadraf put the home team ahead at Stade Mohammed V on the stroke of half-time and added the match-clinching third goal midway through theRead More
Nador (Morocco) (AFP) Moroccan rescue services have recovered the bodies of 16 migrants off the coast of Spain’s enclave of Melilla, Moroccan and Spanish officials said Sunday. Three women were among the dead taken to a morgue in the Moroccan city of Nador, a medical official there told AFP. All were sub-Saharan Africans apart from one Moroccan, the official said. A spokeswoman for Melilla’s authorities earlier said “about 20” bodies had been recovered in Moroccan territorial waters. The bodies of the migrants were spotted Saturday by a Spanish ship, whichRead More
Casablanca (Morocco) (AFP) “Africa Forever,” reads the banner over the gate of a jail for young offenders in Casablanca hosting the finals of a football tournament in tandem with the African Nations Championship in Morocco. Abderrahman, a 29-year-old Moroccan serving a 10-year sentence for murder, was one of the players taking part with inmates from a dozen African countries in the mini-tournament. “It’s like a release!” said the tall, well-built defender in the bright red Moroccan shirt. Benacer Bennaissa, the head of social services in Morocco’s penitentiary service, said moreRead More
Rabat (AFP) Thousands of people staged a protest Friday in an impoverished Moroccan city over the latest fatality in the region’s “mines of death”, the third such victim since December, witnesses said. The protest was staged outside the morgue of the hospital in the northeastern town of Jerada, where security forces were deployed to keep order in the wake of Thursday’s deadly accident. Shops stayed shuttered as the crowd accompanied the body of the latest “martyr” of the area’s abandoned coal pits, Abderrahman Zakaria, 32, to the cemetery for hisRead More
Rabat (AFP) Another miner died Thursday in an impoverished Moroccan city shaken by protests over the plight of people scraping a living in abandoned coal pits known as the “mines of death”. A second person was seriously injured in the accident in a disused coal mine in the northeastern city of Jerada, a local activist told AFP. The authorities confirmed that a man had died in an abandoned mine in the city. The latest deadly accident brought out thousands of demonstrators who gathered in front of the local police station,Read More