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Ruling party, allies win Algeria local polls

Algiers (AFP)

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s ruling party and its allies won local polls in which less than half the electorate took part, official results showed Friday.
The National Liberation Front (FLN) was the victor in 603 out of 1,541 municipalities, 400 fewer than in the last polls in 2012, while the National Democratic Party (RDN) came out on top in 451 municipalities, an increase of 100.
Less than half of the 22-million-strong electorate took part in Thursday’s vote for city councils and for 48 state legislatures, in which the FLN won 35 percent of seats and the RDN came second with a 26-percent share.
Dozens of political parties and four alliances competed for seats.
In a rare public outing, Bouteflika, who is expected to seek a fifth term in office in 2019, appeared in a wheelchair to cast his ballot paper at a polling station in Algiers.
Bouteflika, 80, who won a fourth term in 2014, has used a wheelchair for public appearances since suffering a stroke in 2013.
A parliamentary election in May was marred by a 35-percent turnout and voter apathy over what many see as broken government promises and a political system tainted by corruption.

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