Dakar (AFP) Human rights groups in Senegal on Tuesday criticised what they said was an ineffectual crackdown on child begging driven by Koranic schools, saying a year-long push to remove 50,000 children from the streets is failing. In July 2016 the government began rounding up children as young as four who are forced to beg by their Islamic teachers for a certain daily quota of money, sugar or rice, checking them for disease or signs of maltreatment at dedicated reception centres. But Human Rights Watch and the Platform for theRead More
Dakar (AFP) Senegal kicked off campaigning Sunday for parliamentary elections later this month, with a record number of candidates vying to weaken President Macky Sall — including 91-year-old ex-leader Abdoulaye Wade. Wade, president from 2000 to 2012, has been living in France for the past several months, but was expected to return to Dakar on Monday to lead the campaign for his Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS). “I will campaign, but not the same way as when I was young,” he told a local television station Friday. A parliamentary victory forRead More