South Sudan

Malakal (South Sudan) (AFP) By the time her 19-year-old son was shot in front of her, Ayak had already lost her four brothers and witnessed countless deaths in South Sudan’s brutal war. Living alone in a miserable structure of plastic sheets and tin in a huge camp for displaced people, watching as relentless rains turned earth to mud, it all became too much to bear for the 44 year-old. “I have seen it all. When I thought about the lives of my relatives and their deaths, I decided to takeRead More
Leer (South Sudan) (AFP) Nyakol was 15, healthy and strong when South Sudanese soldiers attacked her hometown of Leer, forcing her to flee with her mother into the surrounding swamps. Not for the first time, government troops tore through the northern rebel stronghold, killing, kidnapping and raping, so Nyakol was lucky to escape, but she contracted cerebral malaria while in hiding. Treatment for the disease came too late, leaving her brain-damaged and unable to walk, talk or eat without help. In the nearly three years since, Nyakol’s mother, Nyaduol, hasRead More
Juba (AFP) South Sudan this week got yet another finance minister as it struggles to halt the free fall of a war-ravaged economy, but analysts warn prospects are bleak as long as conflict and corruption go unaddressed. President Salva Kiir named Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, a former undersecretary in the finance ministry, to head the portfolio after sacking Stephen Dhieu Dau on Tuesday. “We have lost the value of our currency… this is a challenge that is ahead of you and you must see very hard how to get out ofRead More
Juba (AFP) A former South African soldier was sentenced to death in South Sudan on Friday for attempting to overthrow the government. Ex-colonel William Endley, 55, was “sentenced to death by hanging” for espionage and conspiring to overthrow the government, said judge Lado Eriminio Sekwat at a court in the capital Juba. Endley, who can appeal the ruling, was also sentenced to nine years and four months in prison for other related crimes, which must be served before his execution. The South African was hired in 2016 to advise formerRead More
Juba (AFP) A UN rights commission in South Sudan said Friday there was sufficient evidence to charge at least 41 senior officers and officials with war crimes and crimes against humanity. South Sudan’s four-year-old civil war has been characterised by extreme brutality and attacks on civilians. But no high-ranking officials have been held to account, despite African Union (AU) promises to establish a special court to try alleged crimes. “The court could be set up straight away and the prosecutor could begin working on indictments,” said Yasmin Sooka, chairperson ofRead More
Juba (AFP) More than 300 child soldiers have been released in South Sudan’s war-torn region of Yambio under a programme to help reintegrate them into society, the UN said on Wednesday. Of the 311 children freed by armed groups, 87 are girls, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said. “This is the first time so many young women have been involved in a release like this in South Sudan,” said David Shearer, the UN’s secretary general’s special representative and head of UNMISS. “They will have endured suffering, includingRead More
Juba (AFP) Hundreds of pro-government demonstrators marched in South Sudan’s capital of Juba on Tuesday, protesting at US arms restrictions aimed at hastening the end to a bloody civil war. A female Canadian journalist reporting for the Associated Press (AP) news agency was beaten to the ground, apparently after being mistaken for an American citizen. “You whites are the ones messing us up,” shouted an angry man in the crowd, heard by AFP. The journalist was treated at a nearby United Nations clinic and later released. The United States —Read More
Juba (AFP) South Sudan’s government and main rebel group on Sunday accused each other of breaking a ceasefire that went into effect shortly after midnight. The ceasefire is the latest bid to end a devastating four-year war which broke out after a falling out between former vice president Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir in 2013. In a statement on Sunday, Machar’s rebel group the SPLA-IO accused government forces of launching an “aggressive attack” on their positions in the town of Bieh Payam in the north of the country, asRead More
Juba (AFP) More than 170 people have been killed in fighting between rival cattle herders in central South Sudan in the past week, a lawmaker said on Tuesday. “When it comes to those who are wounded, it is almost 200,” added Dharuai Mabor Teny, a member of parliament from the Western Lakes area, some 250 kilometres (155 miles) northwest of the capital Juba. It more than doubles a previous toll issued late last week, since fighting between rival factions of the Dinka people, the Rup and Pakam clans, broke outRead More
Juba (AFP) At least 60 people have been killed and dozens wounded in battles over livestock in South Sudan, local officials said Friday, the latest in a series of attacks between rival communities. Battles over cattle between rival factions of the Dinka people, the Rup and Pakam clans, broke out on December 6 in the central area of Western Lakes, some 250 kilometres (155 miles) northwest of the capital Juba. “More than 60 people were killed, and dozens wounded,” Akol Paul Kordit, a local MP who also serves as theRead More