South Sudan

Juba (AFP) Cash-strapped South Sudan has spent millions of dollars on Israeli surveillance drones and security cameras aimed at fighting rampant crime in the capital Juba, officials said Monday. The first two drones and 11 cameras will be deployed by Israeli company Global Group, President Salva Kiir said at a launch event. Criminals “can now be traced and they cannot get away with crime,” he said. “All the planes at the airport will be safe. Everybody can be screened wherever he or she is going,” Kiir said, speaking at theRead More
Juba (AFP) At least fifty people were killed in two raids by a tribal militia in eastern South Sudan, with about 60 women and children abducted, officials said Wednesday, the latest in a series of attacks between rival communities. Dut Achuek, a state minister, said eight people died in an attack Monday in Jonglei State, while a follow-up raid on Tuesday left “23 women killed and… 19 men killed.” Most of the victims were civilians whose homes were burned and livestock stolen, Achuek said. Both attacks, by armed men fromRead More
Juba (AFP) South Sudanese troops have withdrawn from around the residence of powerful former army chief Paul Malong, a week after a tense standoff over his bodyguards sparked fears of clashes in the capital. In a press statement on Sunday entitled “Misunderstanding Resolved”, army spokesman Lul Ruai Koang said a peaceful resolution had been found to a dispute over the number of bodyguards in Malong’s service. Lul Ruai said scores of troops had been deployed around Malong’s house as he had failed to comply with an order that he releaseRead More
Juba (AFP) Devastating food shortages and high prices continue to affect nearly half the people in South Sudan, and aid agencies warned Monday that some regions could again slide into famine. Nearly five million people lack adequate food, said the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), blaming destruction and economic collapse caused by a civil war since late 2013. “The country’s greenbelt has been ravaged by fighting, and finding a peaceful solution to this man-made tragedy should be the top priority or the situationRead More
Juba (AFP) Troops remained deployed around the home of South Sudan’s powerful former army chief Paul Malong on Sunday in a dispute over the fate of his 30 bodyguards, an army spokesman told AFP. The standoff began on Friday evening when more than 100 soldiers surrounded his residence in central Juba, South Sudan’s capital, in a move which prompted people to flee to their homes for fear the standoff would erupt into clashes. Malong is a hardline ethnic nationalist whose dismissal in May by President Salva Kiir had sparked fearsRead More
Juba (AFP) South Sudan’s parliament has passed a $300 million (250 million euro) budget despite the war-torn country’s government conceding it lacked the funds to pay for it. Nearly four years of civil war, as well as inadequate and decrepit infrastructure, have left the country with few sources of revenue, with oil fields that used to account for 90 percent of government income producing at very low levels and other businesses struggling. Wani Buyu Dyori, undersecretary for economic planning at the finance ministry, said the government can raise around two-thirdsRead More
Juba (AFP) An American journalist has been killed while covering clashes between government and rebel forces in restive South Sudan, local officials and the US mission in Juba said on Sunday. Christopher Allen, a freelance reporter and photographer, was embedded with insurgent troops when fighting broke out in Kaya, near South Sudan’s southern border with Uganda. A spokesman for the US embassy told AFP that “an American citizen” had died in the clashes, which also killed 18 others. “Yesterday we confirmed the name and we confirmed the fact that theRead More
Juba (AFP) South Sudan government forces said Monday they had seized the rebel stronghold of Pagak near the Ethiopian border, after weeks of heavy fighting that forced thousands to flee the region. Military spokesman Dickson Gatluak said rebel forces loyal to exiled former deputy president Riek Machar withdrew from the town on Sunday “without a fight”. He said there had been clashes in the nearby town of Maiwut, and government forces pushed the rebels back towards Pagak. Later in the afternoon the rebels withdrew from the Upper Nile town whichRead More
Old Fangak (South Sudan) (AFP) Thouk Reath, 19, was recovering from a leg amputation after being shot in fighting in northeastern South Sudan when the clinic he was in had to be evacuated because of approaching gunfire. Patients and doctors at the clinic in the town of Maiwut risked being caught up in an army offensive closing in on the nearby opposition-stronghold Pagak. The United Nations said last week that about 5,000 people had fled into neighbouring Ethiopia to escape the fighting, and rebel spokesman Lam Paul Gabriel told AFPRead More
Juba (AFP) South Sudan on Sunday marked its sixth independence anniversary in muted fashion, with no official celebration as the world’s newest nation reels from a brutal and destructive ongoing civil war. A third of the population has been forced from their homes creating one of the world’s worst refugee crises, tens of thousands have been killed and a famine and food shortages have threatened the lives of millions more. “Today I have nothing to celebrate,” said 34-year-old father of three Ariik Majok, who works as a night watchman inRead More