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London (AFP) South Africa is still the preferred bidder to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup after officials said they had “addressed in full “clarification requests” from rivals Ireland and France. Last week, the Rugby World Cup board said South Africa should be chosen after they gave it an overall rating of 78.97, compared with 75.88 for France and 72.25 for Ireland, across a range of criteria. Friday’s announcement from World Rugby’s Dublin headquarters said the complaints “do not impact on the detail or outcomes of the evaluation report norRead More
Nairobi (AFP) Kenya is to launch a bid to host the athletics world championships in 2023 after successfully staging two other international competitions in the last 10 years. No African nation has ever staged the sport’s flagship event, but Kenyan sports minister Hassan Wario said Kenya had shown its capability when it brought together athletes from 130 countries to compete in the IAAF World Under-18 Championships in Nairobi in July. “We have shown that we are capable to host smaller events, and it has now reached a time when weRead More