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Spanish migrant rescuers hit out at boat seizure

The Spanish group whose migrant rescue boat has been impounded by the Italian authorities hit out Thursday at what it called a deliberate campaign to ensure there were no independent witnesses to how refugees are treated while trying to flee from Libya to Italy.

Italy seizes migrant rescue ship: NGO

Italian authorities impounded a migrant rescue boat operated by a Spanish non-governmental organisation on suspicion it was aiding illegal immigration, the NGO said Monday.

African, EU ministers discuss tackling migrant traffic

Ministers from 13 African and European countries held talks along with the EU on Friday on cracking down on migrant traffickers, with France calling for firmer action on smuggling networks in African countries.

Israel closes migrant facility in mass expulsion plan

Israel has closed a desert detention centre for migrants as part of a controversial plan for the mass expulsion of thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese who entered the country illegally, officials said Thursday.